P I T B U L L S   F A S T P I T C H


My younger self believed that if you simply stayed quiet and kept working hard, the truth would always come out in the wash and the success you deserved will be demonstrated from the merits of your work.

After my personal experience at Nexxt Level in 2015, those ideals evolved, and while I still believe that merits will eventually be recognized from demonstrable performance, I also accepted the fact that if you don’t speak, other people will look forward to writing your story for you.

The incidents that have transpired, leading us to today, are not my story.

I am a patriot, and always have been, and believe our country’s judicial system, albeit not perfect, is in the best position to handle this situation moving forward. I pray for all families involved and have faith that a resolution will emerge eventually.

What is my story, however, is the following:

I’ve spent the past few days answering an incredible amount of questions and concerns from all avenues; I expect quite a hefty phone bill coming my way.

I expected nothing less, and I also appreciate the overwhelming support most of our families have shared with us.

I want this coaching staff to know that once again, they proved to amaze me and inspire me for more. At our last staff meeting, our coaches were given a fair opportunity to walk away if they felt it was best for themselves, and exactly as they handled COVID on March 14,2020, they said “we’re not going anywhere.”

So what my story does consist of is the brave women who lead this coaching staff, who on their own accord, said “we still have work to do” and rolled up their sleeves offering even more help than I could ever accept them to do.

My story consists of the young teenage girls who could care less about public perception, and said in our meeting on Thursday, “now more than ever, we stand together and for each other.”

It consists of adolescent athletes who showed up on a Friday night, in the rain, for practice and brought an energy to our building that ignited us all once again.

Before the world tries to write our story for us, I want to share mine with you.

Pitbulls Fastpitch is not going anywhere; that I can guarantee.

I know the athletes and coaches have heard me say this countless times, but there is no challenge I refuse to accept and this one is just another challenge I am determined to overcome.

I am not alone: the women of this coaching staff are the backbone of this entire program, and once more, they didn’t hesitate to step up. I don’t think they will ever find it in themselves to walk away from adversity; an attribute I am honored to verify on their behalf.

Coaches, you make this worth it for me every moment I witness you continuously grow.

So, the world can bring the storm if it wishes to, because as a wonderfully insightful pre-teen recently told me, “it may be stormy now, but it will never rain forever.”

We’re ready to do more, and to continuously strive to change our small corner of the world for the better. And just as we preach to our teams and athletes, if someone wants to try to beat us, they are going to have to tear it from our hands and hearts because we won’t stop until the 13th inning or beyond.

Play ball, tomorrow ladies! #pitbullstrong #pitbullproud

- Coach Jill

Warm Wishes, 

Jillian Mulderig, President
Pitbulls Fastpitch Organization
A NJ Nonprofit Corporation 501c3


It is no secret that COVID-19 has impacted our country financially. 
Pitbulls Fastpitch is from the small town of Mt. Ephraim, NJ, less than 1-mile large, and you can imagine the hardship our towns' small, local and family owned businesses have suffered. When in town, if looking to go out or grab a bite, we hope to encourage you to shop some of our local businesses! Mention you're visiting "Pitbulls Fastpitch at the Linden Avenue Field," and we can guarantee you will get a warm, community welcome for stopping by! 

Family Recommendations from Your Pitbulls' Coaching Staff! : 
Pete's Pizza ( W. Kings Highway, Mt Ephraim)
Spread Eagle Tavern 
( W. Kings Highway, Mt Ephraim)
( W. Kings Highway, Mt Ephraim)
Cabana Water Ice (James & W. Kings Highway, Mt. Ephraim)
Black Horse Diner (N. Black Horse Pike, Mt. Ephraim)
Auto Shine Car Wash (N. Black Horse Pike, Mt. Ephraim)
Philly Pretzel Factory (S. Black Horse Pike, Mt. Ephraim) 
Game Day Athletics (741 B Creek Bellmawr, NJ 08031) 

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