2019 Black & Gold Banquet Guest Speaker

Posted by Pitbulls Fastpitch on May 20, 2019 at 9:00 PM

Hello everyone! I am really excited to be at my third Pitbulls Banquet. I vividly remember sitting in the same room with my teammates and coaches, and accepting the “No I in Team Award”, and being named a team captain on this stage. I also vividly remember my life before becoming a Pitbull. I was not a Pitbulls athlete until my junior year of high school. It would have been a dream come true to play four years at this organization. I was starting varsity as a first basemen and hitting clean up as a freshman. But when I was a sophomore, I was out of commission for 14 months with a neck and shoulder injury. I was told I would never play ball again. I was told to look at my arm turning purple and realistic” and what I should really be worried about was “how I was going to carry groceries in my house one day."

To every athlete that understands the importance of timing when it comes to the recruiting process, you can all understand the fear I had of losing the opportunity to play softball beyond high school. When I was ready to return to the field, I had not been able to throw a ball, swing a bat, or run to first base in well over a year. As I researched teams at home, desperately looking for a team in New Jersey with open roster spots, I discovered a website Iʼll never forget.

I wasnʼt familiar with the recruiting process, but I was familiar with people in my class committing for sports and I was not. This team advertised “100% commitment of the senior class”. I didnʼt know their methods, but I knew they were doing something right. I knew that if I could become a part of this organization I would have an opportunity to reach my goals. However, I could not promise them a solid try out. I could not promise them a seamless performance. The only thing I could make evident was my appreciation to be on the diamond, and my willingness to work hard.

I can stand here and tell you today, that it worked. I can also tell you today that the very same work ethic allowed me to be recruited and make a commitment my junior year. The same work ethic made me a captain the following year. The same work ethic made me a coach the year after that. And this year, that work ethic made me an administrator.

Pitbulls is different for a lot of reasons, but thereʼs one in particular that makes me so passionate about this organization. Pitbulls focuses on what you could be, rather than what youʼre not. Youʼre not everything. Thatʼs why thereʼs nine girls on the field that bring something unique to the table. But thatʼs okay. In fact, thatʼs great. Because this world wants to focus on what youʼre not. You will always hear people say “yeah she can do that, but she canʼt do this”. Thatʼs something you wonʼt hear, here.

There were a lot of things I did not have polished up when I tried out. But that wasnʼt the focus. The focus was, what can we do with an athlete that refuses to give up, accompanied with a positive attitude? The answer is, a lot of things. I never coached girls of our age groups prior to coaching here. But no one was worried about what I hadn’t done, but what I could do. And I can honestly stand up here and tell you I have never been an administrator until now. But no one has been worried.

Today we are here to celebrate all of you, because of what weʼre excited to see you work towards this summer. But if there is one thing I want you to all take with you, it is no matter where you go, you can only control two things: your effort and your attitude. And those two things will allow you to accomplish more than you may realize today.

- Written and delivered by Lauren Warner, Pitbulls Fastpitch Recruiting Counselor, at the 2019 Black & Gold Banquet.

Lauren Warner, Recruiting Counselor
2016 Pitbulls Fastpitch Graduate
Joined Coaching Staff in 2017

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