My College Freshman Experience - Softball and Beyond

Posted by Pitbulls Fastpitch on November 7, 2019 at 10:40 PM

Being a freshman at college has challenges, but holding the title of a student-athlete possesses its own difficulties. I have learned and experienced both the joys and hardships of playing softball and being committed to academics in my first semester as a student-athlete at Albright College.

The fall season for division three softball is short, but fast-paced. Our schedule consisted of sixteen practices that included two hour hitting/fielding practices, three days a week starting in September. Lifting also began around that time twice a week at six AM, and continued even after the fall season concluded. On top of all of the practices, lifts, fall play day, and team meetings and events, I still had four classes and my own responsibilities to keep up with. Being a student-athlete is definitely a challenge, but the reward of playing my sport with other girls who are as dedicated as I am is invaluable. I have truly enjoyed my first experiences on the field and cannot wait for what is to come in the regular season.

One of the biggest challenges I have faced thus far is finding the perfect balance of academics, social life, and softball life. I have had to develop time-management skills to adjust and find what strategies worked for me in what I needed to accomplish. I have learned that being a student-athlete involves sacrifice for your sport; however, with that sacrifice comes great reward that is proven at game time.

Overall, as a freshman, I felt beyond prepared for what I have experienced so far in my first semester at Albright. Pitbulls Fastpitch and the in-depth recruiting program we completed as players is truly unique in its own. Every resource that I was exposed to since I joined the team in my junior year of high school prepared me for both academic and athletic success.

Reflecting on my first couple months of college, I am more than happy with the place that I am in. I am forever grateful that I went through the recruiting process because I learned and experienced so much that I can apply to real-life situations in the future. Preparation is one of the most important keys to success in athletics and beyond, and I believe that I was more than prepared for what was thrown my way.

Emily Lucier
2018 Pitbulls Fastpitch Graduate
2019 Pitbulls Fastpitch Marketing Intern 

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