See Why We Are Different for Yourself! 

" As owner & operator of Mr Fred's Overdplate, I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of pitchers in various organizations: Pitbulls Fastpitch happens to be one of them.

This club has done an amazing job of furthering their players' achievements. They train their players not only to have a great year, but to always go the extra mile. They visit colleges, they hire coaches that specialize in all aspects of the game. Great coaching staff!

It's a class A organization." 

- Mr Fred

Overdplate Fastpitch Softball

Gloucester City, NJ 

"We were led to the Pitbulls four years ago after a series of unusual events with my daughter's other teams; we have never looked back. 

This organization is more than softball. They believe in not just building a better player, but a well-rounded recruitable athlete. From being coaches by former & current collegiate players to classroom-style lessons on proper email composition, the teams present themselves with pride and dignity both on and off the field. 

As my daughter progresses in her journey towards collegiate softball, I know that having Pitbulls Fastpitch next to her name will designate her as a more desirable recruit. " 

- Tonia Conover, mother of a 2022 Pitbull Graduate

South Carolina Division

Jillian Mulderig

President / CEO

Michelle DeZurenda

Vice President of SC Division

Robert Medlar

Vice President / CFO


PFP South Carolina Division

A wholly owned nonprofit subsidiary LLC


" Over the course of the past year, our administration has been working diligently in both New Jersey and South Carolina to create a division of Pitbulls Fastpitch that mirrors all the things we respect and cherish here in New Jersey.

As carried out in Pitbulls FP NJ Division, we demanded the same cohesion, grit, resilience and leadership in South Carolina.  Recently, as we have neared our original launching date of July 2019, we have experienced a few unforeseen setbacks.

Still moving forward, we took time to evaluate the standards we set and what we would be willing to compromise.  Long discussions and debates led to the inevitable: a delay in our plans.

While we are truly saddened by the delay, we came to one conclusion: as an administration that holds itself to a higher standard than most, we cannot move forward all the while compromising those same principles, integrity and responsibility that has laid a foundation to our entire organization.

Our administration takes full responsibility for every athlete, their track to collegiate softball and being successful on and off the field. It would not be fair nor align with our character to settle for anything less for our prospective South Carolina athletes and families.

 It is unfortunate, but it is not the end.  Jillian and myself are committed to the expansion and will continue to work just as diligently as the past year to see this through.  Please continue to follow us on instagram at @pitbullsfpastpitchscdiv for information as it becomes available. To our prospective South Carolina athletes, please come see us in July at the WFC World Series in North Myrtle Beach, SC. "

Warm Wishes,

Pitbulls Fastpitch
Organization Administration