See Why We Are Different for Yourself! 

" As owner & operator of Mr Fred's Overdplate, I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of pitchers in various organizations: Pitbulls Fastpitch happens to be one of them.

This club has done an amazing job of furthering their players' achievements. They train their players not only to have a great year, but to always go the extra mile. They visit colleges, they hire coaches that specialize in all aspects of the game. Great coaching staff!

It's a class A organization." 

- Mr Fred

Overdplate Fastpitch Softball

Gloucester City, NJ 

"We were led to the Pitbulls four years ago after a series of unusual events with my daughter's other teams; we have never looked back. 

This organization is more than softball. They believe in not just building a better player, but a well-rounded recruitable athlete. From being coaches by former & current collegiate players to classroom-style lessons on proper email composition, the teams present themselves with pride and dignity both on and off the field. 

As my daughter progresses in her journey towards collegiate softball, I know that having Pitbulls Fastpitch next to her name will designate her as a more desirable recruit. " 

- Tonia Conover, mother of a 2022 Pitbull Graduate

South Carolina Division

Jillian Mulderig

President / CEO

Michelle DeZurenda

Vice President of SC Division

Robert Medlar

Vice President / CFO


PFP South Carolina Division

A wholly owned nonprofit subsidiary LLC